Popular Hentai Manga
Hentai describes a type of animation with highly erotic, pornographic content. This word, originary from Japan, did not originally describe a type of media: it was instead an abbreviation of the word "hentai seiyoku" which means "sexual perversion", or an uncommon, bizarre sexual attraction to something out of the usual. Hentai has been a genre since Japanese animation was created, and it seems like their inception happened at almost the same time: Astroboy's creator also created highly pornographic sketches of humanoid characters with animal characteristics that were never compiled into a manga, and therefore never published. Hentai is pornographic in nature, and therefore just as varied as regular pornographic movies: we can find heterosexual hentai, but genres such as yuri (for woman on woman love) or "yaoi" (for men on men love) are also popular. Some other popular clich├ęs in hentai are friends, school girls and boys, family relations and many other fetishes that are also popular in non animated pornography.